Is Prolonged Soreness After a Dental Filling Common?

Sore after fillings

If our expert dentists find a cavity in a patient’s tooth, we work to treat the cavity as soon as possible. After all, rapid response can prevent the decay from spreading and causing further damage. Often, we repair cavity damage with a filling. Many ask if it is common to have prolonged soreness after a dental filling. Read on to learn about this common restorative procedure!

What Is a Dental Filling?

Dental fillings restore the function of your natural tooth after it has been damaged by decay. During the procedure, our first step is to remove the decay from your tooth and clean out the area. Then we fill the cavity with a special dental material to strengthen your natural tooth and to protect it against further damage and decay.

Are There Different Kinds of Dental Fillings?

There are multiple materials that can be utilized for dental fillings, such as gold, silver (amalgam), composite resin, and porcelain. During your consultation, our team will explore the pros and cons of the available materials to determine which is best for your smile, especially if you want a tooth-colored filling to match your natural teeth.

Does Getting a Dental Filling Hurt?

We use a local anesthetic when removing decay and repairing teeth with fillings so the actual procedure will only cause minor discomfort. After the procedure, it is possible you could experience some sensitivity when consuming very hot or cold foods and beverages. You may also feel some soreness when pressure is applied, such as when biting or chewing. This will usually go away after a few days. But occasionally, patients experience an allergic reaction to a filling or can have a loose or cracked filling that is causing prolonged discomfort. If you experience continued pain or an issue with your new filling, let our office know as soon as possible.

More Questions? We Have Answers!

Unfortunately, cavities won’t magically heal themselves. But dental fillings are an effective treatment to ease tooth pain and sensitivity from advanced decay. They fortify your tooth for proper chewing and speaking, and with modern-day techniques and materials, fillings can blend into your smile so no one will know you ever had a cavity. To ask our team any questions about dental fillings or to schedule your next visit to our office, contact us today.