Restore Your Smile With Dental Implants

Dental implants near me restore your smile

Dental implants near me restore your smile

Are you tired of dealing with missing teeth and longing for a solution that looks, feels, and functions like natural teeth? Dental implants may be the ideal option for restoring your smile and reclaiming your confidence. At Rushmore Dental, located in Rapid City, we specialize in providing high-quality dental implant solutions to help our patients achieve beautiful, long-lasting smiles. We’ll explore everything you need to know about dental implants and why they may be the perfect choice for you.

Understanding Dental Implants

Dental implants are innovative restorative devices designed to replace missing teeth from the root up. Unlike traditional dentures or bridges that sit on the gums or adjacent teeth, implants are surgically placed into the jawbone, where they integrate with the surrounding bone tissue to create a strong and stable foundation for replacement teeth.

The Dental Implant Process

The dental implant process typically involves several stages, beginning with a comprehensive consultation and evaluation to determine your candidacy for implants. During the initial phase, our experienced dental team will assess your oral health, review your medical history, and take detailed images of your teeth and jawbone using advanced dental technology.

If you’re a suitable candidate for implants, the next step involves the surgical placement of the implant fixture into the jawbone. This minor procedure is performed under local anesthesia to ensure your comfort and may involve a healing period of several months while the implant fuses with the surrounding bone in a process called osseointegration.

Once the implant has fully integrated with the jawbone, an abutment is attached to the implant fixture to connect the replacement tooth or dental prosthesis. Finally, custom-made dental crowns, bridges, or dentures are fabricated to match the color, shape, and size of your natural teeth, providing a seamless and lifelike appearance.

Benefits of Dental Implants

There are numerous advantages to choosing dental implants as a tooth replacement option. Unlike traditional dentures, implants offer unmatched stability, functionality, and durability, allowing you to enjoy your favorite foods, speak with confidence, and smile without hesitation. Additionally, implants help preserve bone density in the jawbone and prevent the shifting of neighboring teeth, promoting long-term oral health and facial aesthetics.

Another significant benefit of dental implants is their aesthetic appeal. Because implants mimic the look and feel of natural teeth, they blend seamlessly with your existing smile, enhancing your overall appearance and boosting your self-esteem. With proper care and maintenance, implants can last a lifetime, making them a cost-effective and reliable investment in your oral health and quality of life.

Choosing Rushmore Dental for “Dental Implants Near Me”

If you’re considering dental implants to restore your smile, look no further than Rushmore Dental in Rapid City. Our skilled team combines advanced training, state-of-the-art technology, and a patient-centered approach to deliver exceptional implant dentistry services tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

From the initial consultation to the final restoration, we prioritize your comfort, safety, and satisfaction every step of the way, ensuring a positive and rewarding dental experience. Whether you’re missing a single tooth, multiple teeth, or an entire arch, we can customize a dental implant treatment plan to address your specific concerns and help you achieve the smile of your dreams.

We Would Love to Restore Your Smile

Dental implants offer a permanent and aesthetically pleasing solution for replacing missing teeth and restoring oral function and confidence. If you’re ready to transform your smile and improve your quality of life, contact Rushmore Dental today to schedule a consultation and discover the many benefits of “dental implants near me.”

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Perfecting Your Smile | Rapid City Orthodontics

Rapid city orthodontics

Rapid city orthodontics

Rapid City Orthodontics at Rushmore Dental

A captivating smile can open doors, forge connections, and boost confidence. In Rapid City, the journey to achieving a perfect smile often leads to exploring orthodontic treatments. With advancements in dental technology and techniques, Rushmore Dental offers a plethora of options to address various dental concerns, ensuring that every patient can find a personalized solution to perfect their smile.

Understanding Orthodontics and Its Importance

Orthodontics is a branch of dentistry that focuses on diagnosing, preventing, and treating dental and facial irregularities. It involves using braces, aligners, and other dental appliances to correct misaligned teeth and jaws. The importance of orthodontics extends beyond aesthetics; it plays a crucial role in improving oral health, functionality, and overall well-being.

Customized Orthodontic Solutions in Rapid City

In Rapid City, our dental practice is at the forefront of adopting innovative treatments tailored to individual needs. Whether you’re dealing with overcrowded teeth, gaps, overbite, underbite, or other alignment issues, we leverage the latest technology to craft customized treatment plans. Options provide custom clear aligners, ensuring patients of all ages can find a comfortable and effective solution.

The Benefits of Orthodontic Treatment

  1. Enhanced Aesthetics: The most apparent benefit is a straighter, more symmetrical smile, which can significantly impact self-esteem and social interactions.
  2. Improved Oral Health: Nicely aligned teeth are easier to clean, reducing the risk of decay, gum disease, and other dental problems.
  3. Increased Comfort: Correcting misalignment can alleviate issues like jaw pain, difficulty chewing, and speech impediments, leading to a better quality of life.
  4. Prevention of Dental Issues: Orthodontic treatments can prevent future dental problems, saving time, money, and discomfort in the long run.

Choosing the Right Orthodontic Practice in Rapid City

When seeking orthodontic treatment in Rapid City, choosing a practice that combines experience, expertise, and a patient-centered approach is essential. Look for dental clinics committed to continuous learning and utilizing the latest advancements in the field. Reading reviews, asking for before-and-after photos, and consulting with the dentist can help you make an informed decision.

The Orthodontic Treatment Process

At Rushmore Dental, the process typically begins with a comprehensive examination, including X-rays and digital scans, to assess your dental structure and identify specific needs. Based on this evaluation, Dr. Tim Kelly will discuss the most suitable treatment options, timelines, and what you can expect during the journey. Regular check-ups are crucial throughout the treatment to monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.

Embracing Modern Orthodontics: Beyond Traditional Braces

Today’s orthodontic treatments offer a level of discretion and comfort previously unattainable. Clear aligners, for example, are practically invisible and can be removed for eating and cleaning, making them a popular choice among adults and teens. This modern solution caters to the lifestyle and aesthetic preferences of patients, making the path to a perfect smile more accessible and appealing than ever.

Life After Orthodontic Treatment: Maintaining Your Perfect Smile

Achieving your perfect smile is a milestone, but maintaining it requires a commitment to good oral hygiene and regular dental check-ups. Post-treatment, wearing a retainer as prescribed is crucial to keep teeth from gradually shifting back to their original position. Embracing a comprehensive dental care routine will ensure your smile remains bright and healthy for years to come.


Visit Rushmore Dental for Rapid City Orthodontics

In Rapid City, orthodontics is more than just straightening teeth; it’s about enhancing your quality of life and unlocking your smile’s full potential. With customizable treatments available, patients can embark on a transformative journey with confidence, supported by skilled professionals dedicated to excellence in care. If you’re considering Rapid City orthodontic treatment, take the first step towards perfecting your smile by consulting Rushmore Dental today. Embrace the opportunity to express your true self through a radiant, healthy smile that leaves a lasting impression.

The Dentist Can Help You Get Your Dream Smile in the New Year

Rapid city dentistry dream smile new year

Rapid city dentistry dream smile new year

At Rushmore Dental in Rapid City, where we’re on a mission to show you the transformative power of a confident smile. As we step into a new year, let’s talk about setting goals, and here’s one you’ll want to add to your list: achieving that dream smile you’ve been thinking about. We’re diving into the exciting world of cosmetic dentistry — it’s all about helping you get that radiant smile you’ve always wished for.

Cosmetic Dentistry: Let Your Smile Shine Bright

Thinking about cosmetic dentistry means you’re not just considering a change in appearance, but a whole new chapter of confidence and self-esteem. Treatments like teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, or a complete smile makeover aren’t just about looking good; they can boost your well-being too. Imagine not just a brighter smile but a positive impact on your overall happiness.

Cosmetic dentistry isn’t just skin-deep; it tackles functional issues like misalignments, improving your bite, and preventing potential dental problems. Picture the boost you’ll get from having a confident, attractive smile — it can really change how you interact with the world. So, if you’re after not just a beautiful smile but also improved oral health and a happier you, it might be time to explore cosmetic dentistry on your journey to dental wellness.

Teeth Whitening: Let Your Smile Shine Brighter

Ready for a journey to a brighter, whiter smile? Our professional teeth whitening services at Rushmore Dental can lift away years of stains caused by daily activities. Imagine the confidence that comes with a radiant smile that lights up any room. We use Opalescence Go whitening trays. Our skilled team is all about making sure your teeth-whitening experience is not just effective but also comfortable, leaving you with a dazzling, picture-perfect smile that truly reflects your personality.

Porcelain Veneers: Turning Your Smile Into Art

For those dreaming of a total smile makeover, look no further than our porcelain veneer treatments. These ultra-thin, custom-made shells cover the front surface of your teeth, creating a flawless canvas. Whether it’s stains, chips, or misalignments, porcelain veneers are a game-changer. At Rushmore Dental, we’re not just about looks — we believe in delivering smiles that are a reflection of your unique personality and the pinnacle of dental artistry.

Dental Bonding: A Quick Fix for a Radiant Smile

Fixing minor imperfections in your smile is easier than ever with dental bonding. Our tooth-colored resin application is a versatile option designed to seamlessly correct issues like gaps, chips, or discoloration. It’s a quick process with results that are nothing short of transformative. Dental bonding is not only a cost-effective solution but also provides an immediate enhancement to your smile, leaving you with teeth that not only look natural but radiate a newfound vibrancy.

Smile Makeovers: Tailoring Transformation to You

Ready for a smile that truly reflects who you are? Our smile makeovers at Rushmore Dental are more than just cosmetic dentistry; they’re personalized journeys that combine various procedures to address all aspects of your smile. Whether it’s teeth whitening, veneers, bonding, or other cosmetic treatments, our goal is to create a harmonious and stunning result. Your unique smile deserves attention, and our experienced team is dedicated to crafting an experience that leaves you with a smile that truly shines.

Start Your Smile Transformation Today

At Rushmore Dental, we get the power of a confident smile. As you plan for the upcoming year, consider making your dream smile a priority. Whether it’s through teeth whitening, veneers, or bonding, we have the know-how and technology to bring your vision to life.

Don’t wait — book a consultation with us at Rushmore Dental, and let’s kick off your smile transformation journey together. The new year is the perfect time to invest in yourself, and a radiant, confident smile is the best accessory you can wear. Your dream smile is ready and waiting! You can learn more about us by checking our business page, and don’t forget to check the map before you head to our Rapid City practice in 2024.

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Why Rushmore Dental is the Trusted ‘Dentist Near Me’ in Rapid City

Dentist near me

Dentist near me

Dentist’s Role in Preventive Dentistry

In the scenic city of Rapid City, South Dakota, maintaining good oral health is more accessible than ever, thanks to the dedicated professionals at Rushmore Dental. When it comes to preventive dentistry, having a local dentist you can trust is of paramount importance. In this article, we’ll delve into Rushmore Dental’s vital role in preventive care, which includes essential services like cleanings, fluoride treatments, and expert oral hygiene advice. Discover why having a ‘dentist near me in Rapid City’ is a game-changer for dental health.

Why Choose a ‘Dentist Near Me’?

Before we delve into the specifics of preventive dentistry, let’s understand why proximity matters. When you search for a ‘dentist near me in Rapid City,’ you prioritize convenience, accessibility, and prompt care. Rushmore Dental takes pride in being a local practice just around the corner, ensuring you can easily fit regular dental check-ups into your busy schedule.

The Importance of Preventive Dentistry

Preventive dentistry is the cornerstone of maintaining a healthy smile. Rather than waiting for dental issues to develop and then seeking treatment, it focuses on proactive measures to prevent problems from arising in the first place. Here’s how Rushmore Dental helps you achieve optimal oral health through preventive care:

1. Professional Cleanings

Shine Bright: The Importance of Regular Dental Cleanings

Regular dental cleanings are the foundation of preventive dentistry. At Rushmore Dental, our skilled dental hygienists are trained to remove stubborn plaque and tartar buildup that can lead to cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. These cleanings are thorough and painless, ensuring your comfort during the procedure.


Frequency Matters: How Often Should You Get Cleanings?

We understand that life can get busy, but regular cleanings are vital. For most patients, we recommend scheduling dental cleanings every six months. However, individuals with specific oral health concerns may require more frequent visits. Sticking to a consistent cleaning schedule can effectively ward off dental issues and enjoy a cleaner, brighter smile.

2. Fluoride Treatments

Fortify Your Teeth: The Benefits of Fluoride

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral crucial in strengthening tooth enamel and preventing decay. Rushmore Dental offers fluoride treatments as part of our preventive dentistry services. These treatments are especially beneficial for children and adults at higher risk of cavities.


Why Rushmore Dental for Fluoride Treatments?

Our Rushmore Dental team ensures you receive the right amount of fluoride needed to protect your teeth. Fluoride treatments are a quick and painless way to fortify your enamel and reduce your risk of dental decay. Trust our expertise to safeguard your smile.

3. Expert Oral Hygiene Advice

Your Dental Coach: Guiding You Toward Optimal Oral Health

Preventive dentistry extends beyond the dental chair. At Rushmore Dental, we are committed to empowering our patients with the knowledge and tools they need to maintain excellent oral hygiene at home. During your visit, our dental professionals will provide personalized advice on brushing techniques, flossing, and choosing the right dental products for your needs.


Preventing Problems Before They Arise

Following our expert guidance, you can effectively prevent oral health issues such as cavities, gum disease, and bad breath. We’ll work with you to create a tailored oral hygiene routine that fits seamlessly into your daily life.

Trust Rushmore Dental as Your ‘Dentist Near Me’ in Rapid City

In the picturesque landscape of Rapid City, South Dakota, Rushmore Dental stands as your trusted ‘dentist near me.’ We prioritize preventive dentistry because a healthy smile begins with proactive care. Our professional cleanings, fluoride treatments, and expert oral hygiene advice are designed to keep your teeth and gums in optimal condition.


When you choose Rushmore Dental, you choose a local practice that cares about your well-being. We understand that life can be hectic, but we make it easy for you to prioritize your oral health with convenient appointments and a friendly, knowledgeable team.


So, why wait until dental issues arise when you can prevent them from happening in the first place? Schedule your appointment with Rushmore Dental, your partner in achieving and maintaining a healthy, radiant smile. Together, we’ll ensure that your dental health is in the best hands right here in Rapid City.

What Exactly Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants rapid city

Dental implants rapid city
MODERN DENTISTRY IS incredible, including modern dental implants. Tooth decay, accidents, and injuries that once would have left someone with a gap in their smile that they could never fill can now be treated so that everything looks and works about as good as new. In many cases, those teeth can even be saved through root canal therapy. When that isn’t possible, dental implants are effective ways we can use at our Rapid City dental practice to fill in the gaps after tooth loss and maintain a similar feel and function to natural teeth.

Tooth Loss: A Common Struggle

Research shows that more than a third of adults 65 years or older have lost at least six teeth, and one out of ten don’t have any natural teeth left. The most common reasons for losing a tooth, multiple teeth, or even all of them are dental decay (cavities), periodontal disease, or trauma. About one in every five adults aged 33-44 have some form of gum disease.

Good oral hygiene habits such as twice-daily brushing for two full minutes with fluoride toothpaste and flossing daily are critical to preventing tooth loss. They’re also important for keeping dental implants in good condition and promoting their long-term success rates.

How Implants Compare to False Teeth

Dentures have been a solution for missing teeth for centuries, but they have a few notable flaws. When we use our own teeth to chew, it stimulates the jaw bone and keeps it strong. Dentures aren’t very effective at providing this stimulation, resulting in oral health problems like bone loss in the jaws. This, in turn, can lead to the dentures not fitting very well, so they can slip and fall out easily and leave the gums feeling sore.

Implants, on the other hand, are artificial teeth that are placed into the jawbone and function the same way as the roots of teeth. Implants greatly reduce the risk of bone loss and they won’t slip and slide while you’re trying to chew your food or have an engaging conversation. Taking care of implants is the same as taking care of natural teeth. True, the price tag can be higher with implants than dentures, but that’s pretty much the only advantage removable dentures have as replacement teeth.

Different Types of Implants

Dentures come in different types, depending on the needs and budget of the individual patient. Endosteal implants are a great choice for patients with strong, healthy jaws. They consist of titanium posts inserted into the jaw through oral surgery. Once the site has had time to heal, a second surgery follows and a crown that matches the other teeth is placed.

If the patient doesn’t have enough healthy jaw bone to support endosteal implants, they could still benefit from subperiosteal implants. These implants consist of metal frames that the oral surgeon places between the jawbone and the gum tissue. Posts attach to this framework and protrude through the gums so that crowns can be attached.

Dental Implants and Braces?

Braces generally come first for patients who need both orthodontic treatment and implants. Unlike natural teeth, implants do not move once they’re in place. In some cases, however, an implant can be placed before or during orthodontic treatment so that it can serve as an anchor to help the other teeth move to the desired positions.

Are Implants Right for You?

Millions of Americans get dental implants to fill the gaps in their smiles every year. If you’d like to learn more about this excellent modern solution to an age-old dental problem and find out if dental implant surgery could be part of your treatment plan, we’re happy to answer your questions! We’re located in Rapid City, SD. You can learn more about us by checking our business page.

Our favorite smiles are our patients’!

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How Do I Find a Good Dentist Near Me?

Dentist near me rapid city

Dentist near me rapid city
PEOPLE MIGHT NEED to find a new dentist for all sorts of reasons, so they wonder “how do I find a great dentist near me?” Maybe they just moved to Rapid City. Maybe their old dentist retired. Maybe they’re new parents and need to find a dentist for their child. Whatever the reason is, we recommend not waiting until an urgent dental health emergency pops up before finding a dentist that fits your needs. Here are five important factors to keep in mind when searching for the best dentist for you.

1. Location, Location, Location!

How close is the practice to your home? To your child’s school or where they play sports? To your workplace? Make sure the distance isn’t so great that making it to twice-yearly checkups will become a major inconvenience. It’s a good idea to decide on a radius that seems doable for you and your family, then determine who the best dentist is within that radius. On the other hand, there might be a dentist slightly farther away who is still worth it for other reasons!

2. Which Dentist Near Me Has a Great Reputation?

What kind of reviews does the dentist have? What are their other patients saying about them? Check out the Yelp and Google reviews and maybe ask around your neighborhood, coworkers, and friend group to see if anyone you know is familiar with that particular dentist. While there can sometimes be hidden gems, a lot of good feedback is generally a positive sign.

3. What Specialties Can They Claim?

A Rapid City dental practice that operates close to you and has fantastic reviews might still not be right for you if they don’t offer some of the services you think you’re likely to need. How good are they with child patients? Do they offer cosmetic treatments? How much experience do they have with root canal therapy or treating gum disease? Do some research into a dentist’s specialties to see if they’re a good fit.

4. How Well Do They Fit Your Budget?

Sometimes a Rapid City dentist’s only flaw is the cost of their services in comparison to your budget, or that they aren’t in your dental insurance network. It’s still important to find a dentist for regular appointments in this case, because those checkups are much easier on a budget than a serious dental problem that could’ve been caught and treated cheaply in an early stage. Finding a budget-friendly dentist is an excellent investment, both financially and in terms of dental health.

5. Patient Comfort

If you aren’t comfortable around a dentist or within their practice, then the other factors might not matter much to you. It’s a good idea to pay a practice you’re considering an early visit just to get a sense of the place and the staff. A good dentist will always prioritize patient comfort, especially considering how many patients struggle with dental anxiety!

Meanwhile, keep up those oral hygiene habits!

We Look Forward to Meeting You!

If you weren’t sure how to answer the question “how do I find a great dentist near me” before, we hope we’ve given you a few ideas of where to begin looking in Rapid City! If you want to learn more about our practice, just give us a call or stop by. You can also check our business page, and make sure to get directions before you head our way. We’re happy to answer any questions you may have!

Thank you for trusting us with your dental health needs!

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Reasons to Be Thankful for Your Rapid City Dentist

Rapid city dentist

Rapid city dentist

​​A GREAT THING to remember for your list of things you’re grateful for is your Rapid City dentist. We’re almost at the end of another year, and one of the best parts of the holiday season is getting some time to take stock of all the things we’re grateful for. From our families to our careers, our homes to our country, those lists can be pretty long, and if you live in Rapid City, SD one more great thing to add to your list is your dentist!

We Owe Our Smiles to Our Dentists

You might think it’s silly to include your dentist on the list of things you’re thankful for, but we can give you a few great reasons why they should make the cut. Between their advice on how to take care of our teeth and their treatment of dental problems that arise, dentists do a lot to keep us healthy and happy.

Thanks to dentists, we know…

  • …the right way to brush our teeth. Brushing too little leads to plaque buildup, cavities and gum disease. Brushing too hard contributes to gum recession and strips away enamel. Thanks to our dentists, we know to brush twice a day for two minutes with soft-bristle brushes.
  • …how often to floss. When we don’t floss, plaque can build up between our teeth even when we brush the rest away from the outer surfaces. Daily flossing like the dentist tells us to keeps the in-between spaces just as clean as the rest!
  • …tricks for beating bad breath. While bad breath can have a variety of causes, good habits like daily brushing and flossing, making sure to clean our tongues, and breathing through our noses instead of our mouths can really help!
  • …how important dental check-ups are. One of the best things we can do to keep our teeth and gums healthy is to schedule twice-yearly dental visits. It’s always better (and cheaper) to catch dental problems early on than to suffer through the pain and have to get more intense treatment later on!
  • …what to eat (and avoid) to reduce tooth decay. Cutting down on sugary foods and drinks means giving less food to the bad bacteria in our mouths, which means our teeth and gums are healthier. We can replace them with fruits, vegetables, and sugar-free treats.

And We’re Just as Thankful for Our Patients!

We love helping our patients in Rapid City keep their smiles healthy, which is why we love nothing better than getting to see you when you come in for your appointments. You make our days and our lives brighter! We hope to see your smiling faces again soon! You can learn more about our practice on our business page, and make sure to get directions before you head our way.

Make the end of this year wonderful!

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6 Ways to Find the Best Dentist Near Me

Dentist near me in rapid city

Dentist near me in rapid city

Dentist Near Me in Rapid City, South Dakota 

Maybe you’ve just moved to a new neighborhood and are looking for a family dental practice? Whatever the reason, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. You want to find a dentist who can provide comprehensive dental care for your healthy smile for years to come.

Most communities have plenty of dentists, but finding someone you feel comfortable with and trust can take a bit of research. If you’re wondering “how do I find the best dentist near me,” check out our six simple tips:

Family & Friend Recommendations

When looking for the best ‘dentist near me’, the first thing to do is ask family, friends, and even neighbors. They certainly have a little bit of experience and can suggest someone they trust in the area. Gather a few recommendations, and then narrow down the options by considering the proximity of the dental office, their services, and whether they accept your insurance. 

Internet Search

To find a dentist near you, search Google using terms such as “dentist near me,” or “best dentist near me.” Research all the dentists your family and friends recommend and check out their websites to learn more about their staff, credentials, and dental specialties. 

Your family will mainly require regular dental cleanings. But, do they offer various dental care treatment plans like gum disease treatment, dental implants, and root canals? Do they provide oral surgery for wisdom teeth or have cosmetic dentistry treatments like teeth whitening? Consider what you need now in dental treatments and what you may need in the future.  

Patient Reviews

Look through patient reviews to learn more about their specific dental experience. You can find patient reviews on the dentist’s web page, social media, or review pages such as “Yelp” or “Google Reviews.” 

Please do not assume that one bad review means the dentist isn’t a good choice for you and your family. 

Dental Associations

The American Dental Association keeps a registry of all active dentists. You can use the database to search for dentists near you. Their website is an excellent resource for learning more about each dentist you consider. 

Visit the Practice

We highly recommend stopping by each practice to get an in-person impression. Notice how the staff greets you. Are they helpful, friendly, and eager to assist you? Does the dental practice look state of the art and clean?

By taking the time to interact with the staff and possibly even the dentist, you can get a better feel for whether or not you’ve found the right dentist for you. Aside from the above tips, there are several questions you can ask of each potential dentist. These might include:

  • Do the hours fit your schedule?
  • Are they located near your house or work?
  • How do they approach preventive dentistry?
  • Do they provide after-hour care for emergencies?

Spend some time getting to know a potential dentist before moving forward. You want a relationship that you can be comfortable with for many years. 

Come In and Learn More About Our Dental Team!

Now that you’ve found the “best dentist near me,” we invite you to meet the team at Rushmore Dental, your friendly Rapid City dental practice. 

Please call your dentist in Rapid City, SD, to schedule an appointment. We are here to help you achieve excellent oral health and a beautiful smile that makes you proud! 

Who is Your Cosmetic Dentist in Rapid City?

Cosmetic dentist in rapid city

Cosmetic dentist in rapid city

So Many Reasons Why You Should Choose a Cosmetic Dentist in Rapid City

Your smile is the first thing people see, and it says more about you than you might think. Having discolored, missing, or chipped teeth can affect a person’s judgment about who you really are. Today, there is so much pressure on having a great smile that even minor chips, cracks, and discolored teeth can be highly stressful. Cosmetic dentists specialize in beautifying your smile and making it your best feature.

Read below for nine reasons to consider cosmetic dentistry:

#1 One Chance for a First Impression

Having a crooked smile can lead to people making blind judgments about your success, intelligence, and overall health. We know that a person’s teeth are not an accurate reflection, and the team at Rushmore Dental can help you get a smile that will set people’s opinions straight!

#2 Improve Professional Success

It is sad but true, but Americans perceive people with nice teeth as 45% more likely than those with crooked teeth to get a job, regardless of experience level. Don’t risk getting passed over in an interview just because your teeth aren’t straight or white enough. Money spent improving your smile will payout in the long run.

#3 Comfort

Chipped or cracked teeth can lead to painful sensitivity when drinking hot or cold beverages and an increased risk of cavities. Cosmetic dentists can use tooth-colored fillings, dental bonding, and porcelain veneers on the tooth surface to mask imperfections causing you pain.

#4 Increase lifespan

Chronic stress accelerates aging and reduces your lifespan. So, in theory, fixing a flaw that stresses you out can add years to your life.

#5 Oral Health

After investing your hard-earned money into your smile, you’ll want to do everything to maintain it, thus improving at-home hygiene. Beyond that, straight teeth are easier to clean when they’re no longer crowded and overlapping. 

#6 Boosts Self-Confidence

If you’re trying to catch the eye of that special someone, a friendly smile is essential to drawing them in. There is only one thing more attractive than a great smile — a confident smile. Cosmetic dentistry plays a considerable role in improving self-confidence regardless of the procedure. Nothing holds you back from flashing those pearly whites when you are proud of your smile.

#7 Recover from an Accident

Cosmetic dental work can repair the damage from injuries like a blow to the face, a car accident, or tripping and falling. Dental implants, dental crowns, dental veneers, and inlays and onlays can get you back to a beautiful smile.

#8 Psychologically Healing

Not all problems are physical. Cosmetic dentistry in Rapid City, SD, can significantly boost mental health. Some people may have negative feelings because of getting bullied over imperfections.

Perhaps someone has a fear of rejection because of negative comments said to them about their teeth when they were young. Cosmetic dentistry procedures can change all of that and set the record straight.

#9 It’s a Great Investment

We’ve proven that cosmetic dentistry can:

  • lower stress
  • help you advance professionally
  • boost confidence
  • make you more healthy
  • make you feel better about yourself

Talk about a great return on investment! The best part is that it is less expensive than you think. Cosmetic dentistry ranges in price and there are often affordable payment plans.

Contact Your Cosmetic Dentist

Dr. Kelley and his team in Rapid City, South Dakota, have years of experience to make your smile enhance your natural self. We would love to be your cosmetic dentist. Call today to schedule an appointment.


Why Dental Health is a Personal Investment

Dental health is a personal investment

We all know the saying: “health is wealth” – it never gets old because we know it always rings true. Health is a treasured source of wealth because it spares you from many serious conditions and illnesses, as well as the accompanying costs that come from the required treatment. The same is also true in the case of dental health. Maintaining your dental health is an easy way to invest in your own health and well-being.

Perception Of The Self

So how is dental health a personal investment? Many scientific studies suggest that self-confidence, feeling of self-competence, and importance of body investment are essential influencers of self-reported dental health status and behavior. Dental health is a personal investment because it affects how you perceive yourself – it’s a part of feeling confident, competent, and happy.

Negative Effects Of Poor Dental Health

Poor dental hygiene can have adverse and far-reaching effects on your overall health, wellness, and happiness. First, poor dental health can affect your quality of life. Some people with poor dental health might also lose interest in social functions and even romantic relationships. For example, lack of oral hygiene leads to potential problems such as a severe case of bad breath or halitosis which may have serious negative effects on their romantic relationship with a significant other. Secondly, untreated tooth cavities and toothache can also reduce one’s productivity at work. For example, delaying a much-needed visit to the dentist can force someone to endure a serious pain unnecessarily.

Minimizing Risks

When we invest in our dental health, we minimize other health risks. For example, if left untreated, gum disease leads not only to the loss of teeth but also the development of more serious conditions like respiratory diseases. Bacteria build-up in the mouth can travel and spread in the lungs. Moreover, maintaining dental health also requires specific steps that also benefit the overall physical health. For example, avoiding smoking, making healthy food choices, and drinking lots of water are part of an optimal dental health regimen, and these steps are extremely beneficial to overall physical health and happiness.

In sum, maintaining dental health is a personal investment because it boosts self-esteem, prevents the negative effects of poor dental health to many aspects of our lives, and minimizes risks for the development of other diseases.