Clear Correct Adult Orthodontics

Many adults want a straighter, more attractive smile. But the idea of a mouthful of metal braces for several years is nothing to smile about. Today, you have an alternative to traditional metal bands and wires Invisalign.

Dr. Kelly is trained, qualified, and skilled in fitting patients with Clear Correct, a revolution in adult orthodontics.

This method uses a graduated series of as little as 10 comfortable, clear plastic aligners to gently move teeth with low pressure, according to a precise plan designed by us. The aligners are worn day and night except when eating and brushing your teeth. They are unobtrusive. Others will not even know you are straightening your teeth, while you talk and smile naturally.

The aligners can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing, allowing you to maintain excellent oral hygiene. Depending on your situation, you could have results in as little as six months.

Clear Correct may not be appropriate for severely crowded or badly misaligned teeth. And conventional orthodontics may be better suited to the growing mouths of children and young teens.

If Clear Correct sounds good to you, call Dr. Tim Kelly to schedule a consultation. We will listen carefully to your dental concerns. We will show you some before and after photos to explain the process and help us understand your goals.

Your initial visit is a complimentary visit to access if you are a Clear Correct candidate. Your second visit will include impressions of your upper and lower jaws, photos, and your case will then be sent to the Clear Correct lab. Using computer imagery, the lab creates your custom aligners.

In about three weeks, we will fit your first set of trays and send you home with easy instructions for using the subsequent sets of aligners. At periodic return visits, generally every 6 weeks, we will monitor your progress. The movement resulting from each stage of this controlled, carefully-timed force on your teeth.

In less time than you imagined possible, you will have the beautiful straight smile you always wanted! You will not believe the difference when you compare your before and after photographs!