Specialty Dentistry

Rushmore Dental has an exceptionally-qualified doctor, Dr. Tim Kelly, who is committed to continuing education in the field of dentistry, to administer the majority of your dental treatment. For your convenience, we also have associates to handle specialty dentistry situations.

One example of specialty dentistry is a root canal procedure. The root canal in your tooth holds the vital nerve which sends temperature and pain sensations to your brain, and provides nourishment to the tooth. The nerve can be damaged from trauma or severe decay. You know if the nerve dies or become infected you will have a toothache or an abscess.

We conduct vitality testing, checking your reaction to hot, cold, and pressure. X-rays help us further detect the root of your toothache.

Using state-of-the-art anesthesia to ensure your comfort, the diseased nerve is removed. The pulp chamber is sterilized and the space filled with gutta percha and composite resin bonding. Then the tooth will be protected with a crown to prevent bacterial contamination in the nerve cavity.

You will experience no further pain or sensation and the tooth is saved.

Oral surgery is another type of specialty dentistry. Most adults will get wisdom teeth, a final set of molars. Unfortunately, about 80 percent of the population does not have enough room for wisdom teeth. They may emerge at an unsuitable angle, interfering with proper bite; causing crowding of healthy teeth; or producing mouth cysts.

We will arrange for an oral surgeon to see you, for sedation and extraction of the troublesome wisdom teeth.

With this combination of specialists and Dr. Tim Kelly, you will be assured of exceptional dental care in a familiar environment.