Why Dental Health is a Personal Investment

Dental health is a personal investment

We all know the saying: “health is wealth” – it never gets old because we know it always rings true. Health is a treasured source of wealth because it spares you from many serious conditions and illnesses, as well as the accompanying costs that come from the required treatment. The same is also true in the case of dental health. Maintaining your dental health is an easy way to invest in your own health and well-being.

Perception Of The Self

So how is dental health a personal investment? Many scientific studies suggest that self-confidence, feeling of self-competence, and importance of body investment are essential influencers of self-reported dental health status and behavior. Dental health is a personal investment because it affects how you perceive yourself – it’s a part of feeling confident, competent, and happy.

Negative Effects Of Poor Dental Health

Poor dental hygiene can have adverse and far-reaching effects on your overall health, wellness, and happiness. First, poor dental health can affect your quality of life. Some people with poor dental health might also lose interest in social functions and even romantic relationships. For example, lack of oral hygiene leads to potential problems such as a severe case of bad breath or halitosis which may have serious negative effects on their romantic relationship with a significant other. Secondly, untreated tooth cavities and toothache can also reduce one’s productivity at work. For example, delaying a much-needed visit to the dentist can force someone to endure a serious pain unnecessarily.

Minimizing Risks

When we invest in our dental health, we minimize other health risks. For example, if left untreated, gum disease leads not only to the loss of teeth but also the development of more serious conditions like respiratory diseases. Bacteria build-up in the mouth can travel and spread in the lungs. Moreover, maintaining dental health also requires specific steps that also benefit the overall physical health. For example, avoiding smoking, making healthy food choices, and drinking lots of water are part of an optimal dental health regimen, and these steps are extremely beneficial to overall physical health and happiness.

In sum, maintaining dental health is a personal investment because it boosts self-esteem, prevents the negative effects of poor dental health to many aspects of our lives, and minimizes risks for the development of other diseases.