Laser Dentistry

Laser technology is one of the most progressive forms of modern dentistry. In fact, only about 12 percent of dentists in the United States have the training and equipment to administer it.

The doctor at Rushmore Dental, Dr. Kelly is among that select group, dedicated to continuous improvement in the field of dentistry through the advancements of technology.  Waterlase® laser dentistry is a favorite of many of our patients.

“Great experience, and I so appreciate the kindness and professionalism of everyone I met. I have very severe dental anxiety, and I was treated very carefully. All the staff listened to my fears, and I am confident in the care I am receiving there. I am so fortunate to have found you!! Dr. Kelly: thank you, thank you, thank you!!”
-Cathy H.

Using the Waterlase® hydrokinetic system, most traditional dental procedures can be performed more quickly and with virtually no pain. Our patients love it!


Dr. Kelly is proud to be a dentist with years of experience using dental lasers. In many different dental treatments, he is able to replace the use of a drill with this gentle, less invasive procedure. Waterlase® Laser dentistry can be used for general, restorative, and cosmetic dentistry procedures.

How Does Laser Dentistry Work?

The Waterlase® system uses an innovative combination of laser beam and high powered water spray to cut, etch, and shape tissue without the need for heat, vibration, or pressure. The design and wavelengths of light used depend upon the dental application and what type of procedure the dentist is completing.

Why Choose Waterlase?

  • It is basically painless – When your dentist uses a laser, the need for drills and needles decreases dramatically. There are even times when they are not needed at all!
  • It is safe & natural for your mouth – WaterLase® uses water, air, and laser energy for safe use on tissue in the mouth. Since our teeth are made up partially of water, when the laser makes contact with a tooth it wakes up the water molecules and is able to naturally cut through the tooth.
  • It is a safe & precise system – The WaterLase® system removes precise amounts of tooth, without causing any damage to the rest of the tooth. Unlike drills that require removing large amounts of the tooth, Waterlase is able to remove small amounts and complete a much more accurate job.
  • Reduces the risk of cross-contamination – With WaterLase® the chance for cross-contamination between patients is extremely low since it works without contacting the patient’s tooth, and Dr. Kelly operates it with single-use, disposable tips.
  • With the use of WaterLase®, Dr. Kelly has completely transformed the dental experience for his patients.
  • Kelly is a Master Waterlase® Clinician, this means he teaches other dentist along with helping to develop and preformed many clinical research projects on how to use laser technology. He travels several times a year all over the States to instruct dentists.

If you would like to say goodbye to the wince-provoking whine of a dental drill and instead feel gentle, pulsating water spray accompanied, call Rushmore Dental to learn more about WaterLase® and what it can do for you!

When asked what they dislike most about a trip to the dentist, most people will say:

  • Needles
  • Drills
  • Numbness
  • Pain
  • Time in the chair

Laser dentistry eliminates these anxieties. Because it is painless, there is no need for a shot of anesthetic which will eliminate the facial numbness lingering for hours afterward. Waterlase® laser dentistry eliminates the heat and vibration of drilling, and shortens the time needed for your procedure.

For example, we use a high-pressure stream of water with pinpoint accuracy to remove the decay while preserving as much of your tooth structure as possible – actually a very conservative method. And, no drilling!

It creates a better retention bond for the filling, so the restoration lasts longer. It also sterilizes the tooth so the filling material has a cleaner working environment.

Soft tissue procedures, such as treating gum disease, are also more efficient with laser dentistry. These procedures are all treated without any anesthetic and our patients are very comfortable.

We use the water laser to sterilize root pockets. The laser’s anti-microbial action addresses the infection without cutting away healthy gum tissue. The laser naturally cauterizes the soft tissues, so there is no bleeding.

Once you have experienced laser dentistry at the gentle, experienced hands of Dr. Kelly you won’t ever want to go back to needles and drills. You will leave the chair sooner, looking and feeling good.

Laser dentistry – simply a better, more comfortable patient experience.

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