Improvements in laser dentistry allow our team to care for your smile with technology

For patients who are seeking virtually pain-free dentistry, Dr. Tim Kelly of Rushmore Dental in Rapid City may be able to make it more attainable than ever. Using improvements in laser dentistry technology, many patients are able to undergo routine treatments without anesthetics or sedation. Our practice has some of the latest technologies that can be used to enhance the smile’s health and wellness, including Waterlase treatment.

Waterlase is a special device that can be used to address areas of decay. When patients have fillings, they must first have the area cleaned and prepared. This often requires the use of a dental drill. The sound alone scares many adults and children. Instead, this device combines laser energy and water to prepare the area without a drill. It can remove a precise amount and is much more conservative than traditional drills used for preparation.

Dr. Tim Kelly at Rushmore Dental typically do not need to anesthetize patients undergoing Waterlase treatment. This is because it is comfortable. There are other benefits to the Waterlase procedure, including the elimination of cross-contamination, reduced risk of damaging the existing tooth structure, and fast, easy appointments without numbing the mouth.

For patients who are often anxious about visiting the dentist because of the sounds of traditional dental drills or due to the puffy feeling of their face after local anesthetics, Waterlase is a more desirable treatment for those who are interested in addressing areas of decay. Dr. Tim Kelly can introduce patients to the benefits of the Waterlase treatment and the way it works so they understand the treatment they will be receiving during their dental visit. Patients often relax more in the dental chair when they know their procedure is performed with Waterlase!

Dr. Tim Kelly is here to assist with general and cosmetic dentistry solutions. Contact our team today to book an appointment and learn more about Waterlase and other improvements in laser dentistry used in our state-of-the-art practice.