Four Things to Know About Porcelain and Composite Fillings

When you’re faced with a choice of fillings, the chances are you want ones that will look natural in your mouth and also last for a long time.  At Rushmore Dental, you have a few choices available. We want you to have the information necessary to make the best decision for your health and your smile!

Here’s what you need to know:

Match Your Teeth

The older type of filling material, amalgam, is a blend of different metals. While this is an effective and strong material, it leaves your teeth looking grey. Even metal fillings like gold and silver can be very obvious in the teeth. With the (wrongful) stigma that goes along with obvious dental restorations, there’s no that wonder metal fillings often have the effect of making patients self-conscious, and hesitant about smiling. The good news is that both porcelain and composite fillings are great choices for fillings and they match your teeth! You’ll feel confident smiling and laughing!

Not All Cavities Are the Same!

Surface cavities can be repaired in a single visit under local anesthesia. For this type, one that is between your teeth or very small, a composite filling is the best choice.  Not only does it match your teeth, but it is installed with and bonds quickly to your tooth!

The repair for a deeper cavity may be more extensive. Depending on the structure of the tooth, Dr. Kelly may decide that a porcelain filling is better. If you have to choose one or the other to make up the majority of your tooth, porcelain is a better aesthetic and minimally-invasive choice.  Large porcelain fillings, however, are usually put in as an inlay or an only.  What this means is that an impression of the cavity area is taken, and a lab-made filling is designed to fill and/or cover the space. It requires more than one appointment and a temporary filling in between.

Choose for Tooth Size!

The larger the tooth, the more pressure it has to withstand while you are chewing hundreds of times during the day.  So, a smaller tooth, like one of your front teeth or canines, may have a cavity that is easily corrected with composite filling, the same size cavity in a bicuspid or molar may need the stability of a lab-designed porcelain inlay.

Cavities are nothing to wait on. They can cause sensitivity, infection, bad breath, and abscessed roots.  Food can get caught in them. They can spread to other surrounding teeth if not treated early on.

If you think you might have a cavity in one tooth, don’t delay: it’s time to call Rushmore Dental for a dental exam and X-ray.  Restoring your smile to health is one of our primary goals.